Replication Policies page

The Replication Policies page shows all the replication policies available in Replication Manager, their status, and a detailed view for each.

The Replication Policies page shows the number of policies that have the following status:
  • Error or failed replication policies. Click the number to view the policy names, the names of the source and destination clusters, and the services that are stopped on the source or destination cluster.

  • Active replication policies that are in Submitted or Running state.

  • Suspended replication policies. Administrators can suspend a running policy.

  • Expired replication policies.

  • Total number of running policies.

You can also view the following policy details on the Replication Policies page:
  • Current replication policy Status

  • Policy Type

  • Replication policy Name

  • Source cluster name

  • Destination cluster name

  • Jobs that were run for the replication policy and the job status

  • Duration to run the policy

  • Last Success timestamp of the last successful run

  • Next Run timestamp of the next scheduled run

Click Actions to perform more actions on a replication policy.

Expand a replication policy to view the following details about the policy:
  • Description for the replication policy that you added while creating or editing the policy.

  • Source cluster details

  • Destination cluster details

  • Frequency to run the policy which includes the next run timestamp and the last run timestamp.

  • HDFS Snapshot shows whether it is enabled or not for the replication policy.

  • Queue name for the policy otherwise it displays default.

  • Max Bandwidth allocated for a map task

  • Max Maps or maximum number of simultaneous copies per replication job