Use cases for Replication Manager in CDP Private Cloud Data Services

Replication Manager is a service in CDP Private Cloud Data Services. You can use this service to copy and migrate HDFS data, Hive external tables, and Ozone data between CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.8 or higher clusters using Cloudera Manager version 7.7.3 or higher.

You can use Replication Manager for a variety of use cases. Some use cases include:

  • Implementing a complete backup and restore solution.

    You might want to implement a backup and restore solution for HDFS data or Hive external tables. You create the replication policy based on the type of data you want to back up and restore. To implement this use case, you backup data in ClusterA to ClusterB. When the need arises, you can create another replication policy to restore the data from ClusterB to ClusterA.

  • Replicating the required data to another cluster to run workloads or analytics.

    Sometimes, you might want to move workloads, especially heavy-duty workloads to another cluster to reduce the load and optimize the performance of the primary cluster, or run analytics on the required data on another cluster because you do not want to overload the primary cluster. In such scenarios, you can create replication policies in Replication Manager to replicate the required data at regular intervals. After replication, you can use the required tools to analyze the data.