Replication Manager requirements and recommendations

Understanding the requirements and recommendations indicated below can help to avoid common issues during and after installation of the Replication Manager service.

  • Be sure to review Replication Manager supporting documents to confirm you meet the environment and system requirements including Docker and networking.
  • You need to have root access to the nodes on which the Replication Manager App and DLM Engine will be installed.
  • Apache Hive should be installed during initial installation, unless you are certain you will not use Hive replication in the future.

    If you decide to install Hive after creating HDFS replication policies in Replication Manager, all HDFS replication policies must be deleted and then recreated after adding Hive.

  • Clusters used in Replication Manager replication must have symmetrical configurations. Each cluster in a replication relationship must be configured exactly the same for security (Kerberos), user management (LDAP/AD), and Knox Proxy. Cluster services like HDFS, HIVE, Knox, Ranger, and Atlas can have different configurations for High Availability (HA) i.e., source and target clusters have HA and non-HA setup respectively.