DLM Engine Support Requirements

Requirements for clusters used with DLM Engine

  • The clusters on which you install the DLM Engine must meet the requirements identified in the following sections.
  • DLM Engine can be installed on any server class machine starting with 1GB memory. You may need to increase the memory to about 2 GB or 3 GB, depending on HDFS replication dataset. For example, number of files in the dataset and number of concurrent replication policies.

See the Support Matrix for supported operating systems and databases.

Default Port Number Purpose Comments Required to be open?
25968 Port for DLM Engine (Beacon) service on hosts

Accessibility is required from all clusters.

Beacon is the internal name for the DLM Engine. You will see the name Beacon in some paths and commands.

To install DLM, you must install the following components:

  • Install DLM Engine: DLM Engine is the agent in each HDP cluster, which facilitates DLM functionality.
  • DLM Engine is installed as an Ambari service in each HDP cluster involved in the replication process.