Install DLM Engine MPack

DLM requires that an engine be installed on each cluster that is to be used in replication jobs. The engine is installed on the Apache Ambari host, using an Ambari management pack (MPack). An MPack bundles service definitions, stack definitions, and stack add-on service definitions.

You must have root access to the Ambari Server host node to perform this task.
  • This task must be completed on all clusters to be used with DLM.
  • Beacon is the internal name for the DLM Engine. If you install DLM, you will see the name Beacon in some paths and commands.
  1. Log in as root to an Ambari host on a cluster.
    ssh root@<ambari-ip-address>
  2. Install the DLM Engine MPack by running the following command, replacing <mpack-file-name> with the name of the MPack.
    ambari-server install-mpack --mpack beacon-ambari-mpack-X.X.X.X-XX.tar.gz --verbose 
  3. Restart the Ambari server.
    ambari-server restart