Install DLM Engine service in Ambari

Follow these steps to install the DLM Engine in Ambari:

  1. Launch Ambari in a browser and log in.
    Default credentials are:
    Username: admin
    Password: admin
  2. Click Admin > Manage Ambari.
  3. Click Versions, and then perform the following steps on the Versions page:
    • Click the HDP version in the Name column.
    • Change the Base URL path for the DLM service to point to the local repository, for example:
      http://<your_webserver>/DLM/<OS>/<DLM version>
  4. Click the Ambari logo to return to the main Ambari page.
  5. In the Ambari Services navigation pane, click Actions > Add Service.

    The Add Service wizard appears.

  6. On the Choose Services page of the Wizard, select the ‘DLM-Engine’ service to install in Ambari, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

    Other required services are automatically selected.

  7. When prompted to confirm the addition of dependent services, give a positive confirmation to all.

    This adds other required services.

  8. On the Assign Masters page, you can choose the default settings.
  9. On the Customize Services page, fill out the required DLM Engine configurations:
    • Configure DB

      Enter database name as beacon, database user, database password, and database host in JDBC url from the database values setup previously.

  10. Click the Misc tab to modify or change the default Beacon service user or group name