Registering ABFS Cloud account in Replication Manager

You must have valid ABFS credentials in CDP Public Cloud Replication Manager to register the cloud account.

  1. In Replication Manager, click Cloud Credentials > Add.
  2. In the Add Cloud Credential window, perform the following steps:
    1. Select the Cluster.
    2. Select ABFS as the Cloud Storage Type.
    3. Enter the cloud credential Name.
    4. Enter your ABFS Storage Client Id.
    5. Enter your ABFS Storage Client Secret Key.
    6. Enter your ABFS Storage Tenant Id.
  3. Click Validate.
After you add the ABFS cloud credentials and you create a replication policy with ABFS as your selected cloud storage for your target cluster, the following error message might appear:

To resolve this issue, update the ABFS cloud credential values in the source Cloudera Manager instance. For more information, see Updating Azure cloud credentials in Cloudera Manager.

Verify whether the credentials appear on the Cloud Credentials page.