Verify DLM Installation

Ensure that your DLM Engine set up is functional.

  • Scan through Ambari logs of DLM Engine service installation for any errors.
  • Run the /usr/dlm/current/beacon/bin/ utility script to ensure that Knox SSO is configured successfully with the DLM Engine.

    /usr/dlm/current/beacon/bin/ https://<knox_hostname>:8443/gateway/knoxsso/api/v1/websso http://<beacon_hostname>:25968 admin admin

  • Verify that DLM Engine was added as a user to the HDFS superuser group.

    hdfs groups beacon

    The output must display HDFS (or value of the dfs.permissions.superusergroup config) as one of the groups.

Once the installation is complete, setup a sample replication policy and verify that the replication policy works as expected.