Overview page

The Overview page displays jobs that are either in progress or have not succeeded. While jobs are executing, they display in the list with a status of In Progress. If the job succeeds, it disappears from the list. Successful jobs can be viewed from the Policies page.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Overview.
  2. Browse the Issues & Updates list to locate the policy for the job you want status for.
  3. View the Job Status column for the policy.
  4. If the job did not succeed, click next to the job status to view the job log.
  5. Optionally, see information about previous job runs:
    1. Click the dots in the Policy History column.
      The policy displays in the Policies page.
    2. Click the dots in the Prev Job column.
      A list of jobs related to the selected policy displays, showing up to the last 10 jobs.