Fixed Issues in Atlas

This section lists the issues that have been fixed since the previous version.

CDPD-13199: Incorrect attribute values in bulk import
When importing Business Metadata attribute assignments, Atlas used only the last assigned attribute value instead of individual values for each entity in the import list.
CDPD-372: All Spark Queries from the Same Spark Session were included in a Single Atlas Process
A Spark session can include multiple queries. When Atlas reports the Spark metadata, it creates a single process entity to correspond to the Spark session. The result was that an Atlas lineage picture showed multiple input entities or multiple output entities for a process, but the inputs and outputs were only related by the fact that they were included in operations in the same Spark session. In this release, the Spark Atlas Connector produces a spark_application entity for each Spark job. Each data flow produced by the job creates a spark_process entity in Atlas, which tracks the actual input and output data sets for that process. For more information, see Spark metadata collection.