Replication of tables and databases using Replication Manager

You can take advantage of Replication Manager capabilities for mission critical situations, such as preparing for a disaster. You can also back up Apache Hive data, or migrate the data to a new platform or cluster. You might want to use these capabilities for routine data replication from cluster to cluster or from one location of a cluster to another on the same cluster.

The Cloudera Replication Manager emanated from Cloudera Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) for replicating data to prepare for an emergency. You can take advantage of Replication Manager for migrating Hive data after an upgrade and for other use cases. The following table summarizes the available support for replication from a source CDH cluster to CDP. You can replicate databases and tables using these capabilities that Cloudera recommends for general availability (GA):
Table 1.
Source Target Status Database Table ACID
CDH 5 CDP Public Cloud GA N/A
CDH 6 CDP Public Cloud GA N/A

Extensive documentation about Replication Manager is available.