Querying sys for plan data

You query the sys database in the Hive metastore to retrieve information about workload management entities, such as a resource plan.

  • You established a connection to HiveServer on the cluster you want to manage, and you started Hive from the Beeline shell, opened DAS, or opened another Hive UI.
  • A resource plan for managing a workload on your cluster was created.
Assuming you created the high_concurr_rp resource plan as described earlier, query the sys database for information about the plan.
  1. Get views of the query pools for the resource plan, for example.
    SELECT * FROM SYS.WM_POOLS WHERE RP_NAME = 'high_concurr_rp';
  2. Get information about a trigger named slow_query in the pool named etl_pool pool of the plan.