Fixed Issues in Schema Registry

Review the list of Schema Registry issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.12.

CDPD-28714: Schema should connect to all Kafka topics with the same name
When having multiple Kafka clusters, with the Schema Registry-Atlas plugin, schemas are connected to all topics with the same name as the schema.
CDPD-26574: SR - Remove the spring security dependency due to CVE-2021-22112, was used by kerberos basic authentication
Removed the dependency on spring-security due to CVE-2021-22112.
CDPD-25052: No active transaction is associated with the thread
Multiple entries of No active transaction in the logs made the logs difficult to read. The logs no longer contain multiple entries.
CDPD-17737: Fix misused exception handling of Schema Registry resources
Endpoint /api/v1/schemaregistry/schemas/versionsById/{versionId}/branch responds with 404 Not Found when a SchemaNotFoundException is thrown (and not 400 Bad Request).