Manage Policies for HBase snapshots in Amazon S3

You can configure policies to automatically create snapshots of HBase tables on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Snapshot policies for HBase snapshots stored in Amazon S3 are configured using the same procedures as for local HBase snapshots.

See the Cloudera Manager snapshot polices for more information. For snapshots stored in Amazon S3, you must also choose Remote S3 in the Destination section of the policy management dialog boxes.

When you create a snapshot based on a snapshot policy, a local copy of the snapshot is created with a name beginning with cm-auto followed by an auto-generated filename. The temporary copy of the snapshot is displayed in the Table Browser and is deleted as soon as the remote snapshot has been stored in Amazon S3. If the snapshot procedure fails without being completed, the temporary local snapshot might not be deleted. This copy can be manually deleted or kept as a valid local snapshot. To export the HBase snapshot to Amazon S3, use the HBase command-line tools to manually export the existing temporary local snapshot to Amazon S3.