Understand the NiFi record based processors and controller services

The RecordReader and RecordWriter Controller Services and Processors allow you to convert events from one file format (json, xml, csv, Avro) to another (json, xml, csv, Avro). These controller services use Schema Registry to fetch the schema for the event to perform this conversion.

NiFi includes the following RecordReader and RecordWriter processors:
  • ConsumeKafkaRecord_0_10 1.2.0
  • ConvertRecord
  • PublishKafkaRecord_0_10
  • PutDatabaseRecord
  • QueryRecord
  • SplitRecord
NiFi also includes the following Record based Controller Services:
  • HortonworksSchemaRegistry
  • AvroRecordSetWriter
  • CSVRecordSetWriter
  • FreeFormTextRecordSetWriter
  • JsonRecordSetWriter
  • ScriptedRecordSetWriter