Installing the Kafka Connect Role

Learn how to install the Kafka Connect role.

Kafka Connect in CDP is provided in the form of a Kafka service role. The role is called Kafka Connect. Complete the following steps to install the role on an already running Kafka instance.
  1. Select the Kafka service.
  2. Go to Instances.
  3. Click Add Role Instances.
  4. Select hosts for the Kafka Connect role by clicking the Select Hosts box under Kafka Connect.
  5. Select one or more host and click Ok.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. On the Review Changes page configure the Broker List for Kafka Connect property.

    Enter a comma-separated list of IP:port or hostname:port pairs of the brokers that Kafka Connect should connect to. These should be the brokers that are running in the same cluster that Kafka Connect is being deployed on. While you can specify a single broker, Cloudera recommends that you specify multiple for high availability.

  8. Review and modify other configuration properties available on this page, and click Continue.
  9. Start the Kafka Connect role.

    By default Kafka Connect roles will not start when first added.

    1. Select Kafka Connect roles by checking the checkbox next to each role.
    2. Click Actions for Selected>Start.
    3. Click Start when prompted.

One or more Kafka Connect roles are deployed and running on your cluster.

Configure Streams Messaging Manager for Kafka Connect.