Configuring Streams Messaging Manager for Kafka Connect

Learn how to set up Streams Messaging Manager for monitoring and managing Kafka Connect.

Cloudera recommends that you use Streams Messaging Manager (SMM) to manage and monitor Kafka Connect. In order for SMM to be able to interact with Kafka Connect, it must be configured and provided with the Kafka Connect instance's host, port, and protocol. This is done by configuring the Kafka Connect Host, Kafka Connect Port, and Kafka Connect Protocol SMM configuration properties. Configuring these properties enables the Connect view in SMM, which allows you to interact with Kafka Connect through a UI interface. Additionally, configuring these properties also enables you to use the SMM REST API to interact with Kafka Connect.

If the Kafka Connect Host property is left empty (default), SMM is automatically configured with the host, port, and protocol of the Kafka Connect instance belonging to the Kafka service selected with the Kafka Service SMM property. This means that if you want SMM to monitor and manage the Kafka Connect instance that belongs to the Kafka service that SMM depends on, you do not need to complete the following steps.

  1. Select the Streams Messaging Manager service.
  2. Go to Configuration.
  3. Find and configure the following properties:
    • Kafka Connect Host

      Enter the hostname of the machine that the Kafka Connect role is deployed on. If you have multiple instances of the Kafka Connect role, you can choose to use any of them. Add a single hostname, as configuring multiple hostnames for high availability is currently not supported.

    • Kafka Connect Port

      Enter the port that the Kafka Connect role is using. The value of this property must match the port set in the Kafka Connect Rest Port or Secure Kafka Connect Rest Port Kafka property. If the Kafka Connect role is not TLS/SSL enabled, use the port specified in Kafka Connect Rest Port. If TLS/SSL is enabled for the Kafka Connect role, use the port specified in Secure Kafka Connect Rest Port.

    • Kafka Connect Protocol

      Select http if SSL/TLS is not enabled for the Kafka Connect role. Select https if SSL/TLS is enabled for the Kafka Connect role.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Restart the service.
SMM is configured and is able to manage and interact with Kafka Connect.
Go to the SMM UI and access the Connect view from the left column. Alternatively, use the SMM REST API to interact with Kafka Connect.