Fixed Issues in Phoenix

Review the list of Phoenix issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.15.

CDPD-35717: CALCITE-903 has introduced a transaprent reconnection feature, which will open a new server-side connection in case it is expired from the server side connection cache. While this is convinient for most read-only analytical workloads, this can cause a number a problems, including data loss for transactional connections. This patch disables the transparent reconnect feature by default, and adds the transparent_reconnection property, which re-enables it when set to true.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-35652: PreparedStatement#getMetaData() no longer fails on parametrized "select next ? values" sequence operations. This also fixes a problem where parametrized sequence operations didn't work via Phoenix Query Server.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-35391: The phoenix-sqlline and phoenix-sqlline-thin console SQL clients now work correctly on PowerPC architecture.
This issue is resolved.
CDPD-35250: Phoenix versions older than 4.14 set the KEEP_DELETED_CELLS and VERSIONS properties on the SYSTEM.STATS and SYSTEM.LOG table, which caused performance problems. This problem has been fixed for fresh installs in Phoenix 4.14 and 5.0, but on Phoenix installations being upgraded from pre 4.14 versions, the properties were not removed. Now those properties are removed when performing an upgrade from and older version.
This issue is resolved.

Apache Patch Information

  • CALCITE-5009
  • PHOENIX-6665
  • PHOENIX-6661
  • PHOENIX-6645
  • PHOENIX-6646
  • PHOENIX-5894
  • PHOENIX-6579
  • PHOENIX-6611
  • PHOENIX-6632
  • PHOENIX-6654