Fixed Issues in Schema Registry

Review the list of Schema Registry issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.15.

CDPD-35983: Unique constraint violation on load balanced Schema Registry cluster startup
A concurrency issue in a multi-node Schema Registry setup is fixed where more nodes tried to initialize database state at the same time causing some of them to fail.
CDPD-35469: Schema Registry responds with Internal Server Error when adding more schemas than defined in offset range
Schema Registry responds with HTTP 409 response instead of HTTP 500 response while trying to add more schemas than defined in offset range.
CDPD-33908: Remove or Upgrade Spring framework to 5.3.14+/5.2.19 due to CVE-2021-22060
Removed Spring dependencies from Schema Registry because they were not used at all.
CDPD-32192: First start failed for Schema Registry, with oracle DB, migration failed at CREATE TABLE "atlas_events"
Fixed v009__create_registry_audit.sql to have create index refer to the lower case "atlas_events" object (the table).
Made the script rerunnable since the table was already created where the script had already run.
CDPD-31881: Schema Registry L1 test fails with socket timeout
When more than one instance of Schema Registry is running on the same DB, "concurrent update" exceptions might have appeared in the Schema Registry log regarding changes to be sent to Atlas.