Examples of interacting with Schema Registry

Schema Registry UI

You can use the Schema Registry UI to create schema groups, schema metadata, and add schema versions.

Schema Registry API

You can access the Schema Registry API Swagger documentation directly from the UI.

To do this, append your URL with: /swagger/

For example: https://localhost:7790/swagger/

Java Client

You can review the following GitHub repositories for examples of how to interact with the Schema Registry Java Client:

Java and Scala

See the following examples of using schema related API:



Kafka Serdes

See the following example of using the Schema Registry Kafka Serdes:


Schema Registry also supports serializing objects as JSON. In order to enable JSON serialization or deserialization, please set the following property:
  • value.serializer=com.hortonworks.registries.schemaregistry.serdes.json.kafka.KafkaJsonSerial
  • value.deserializer=com.hortonworks.registries.schemaregistry.serdes.json.kafka.KafkaJsonDeserializer

Jackson 2 is used for serialization, so any Java object which can be processed with this library is also going to be processed by Schema Registry.