Configuring network line-of-sight

An edge node must be able to access the HBase services running inside your CDP Operational Database (COD). These services are bound to the private network interfaces. Therefore, your edge node must be able to resolve the private IP addresses in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

There are multiple methods how you can enable your edge node to resolve the private IP addresses in your CDP VPC. For example:
  • Reuse the subnets created for CDP
  • VPC peering
  • Direct connect
  • Virtual Private Network

Reuse the subnets created for CDP

As a part of the initial CDP setup, you have already created subnet(s) or CDP has automatically created this for you. You can use the standard EC2 service in the AWS Console or AWS CLI to launch an EC2 node in one of these subnets. For more information, see Reuse the subnets created for CDP.

VPC peering

Another option is to create a second VPC and peer it with the VPC you created for CDP. This setup allows nodes in both VPCs to communicate with one another. For more information about VPC Peering, see What is VPC peering? - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.

Direct connect

To enable computers in your corporate network to communicate with the CDP VPC, you may find that the AWS Direct Connect solution is appropriate. Direct Connect enables hardware which you control to communicate with resources on AWS. For more information about Direct Connect, see AWS Direct Connect.

Virtual Private Network

If you are using a corporate VPN network, you can establish a VPN connection over the Internet to your COD. For more information, see VPN connections - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.