Cloudera Manager metrics overview

Cloudera Manager provides a default metric store for Streams Messaging Manager (SMM). SMM fetches the required metrics from Cloudera Manager whenever required and caches the subset of metrics in the SMM server for which the historical values appear in the SMM UI. The cache refreshes every minute.

A metric is a property that can be measured to quantify the state of an entity or activity. They include properties such as the number of open file descriptors or CPU utilization percentage across your cluster.

Cloudera Manager monitors a number of performance metrics for services and role instances running on your clusters. These metrics are monitored against configurable thresholds and can be used to indicate whether a host is functioning as expected or not. You can view these metrics in the Cloudera Manager Admin Console.

Cloudera agents collect the metrics from individual brokers and report them to Cloudera Manager once in a minute (through Heartbeat). The collected metrics are stored in the Cloudera Manager level database to query or search for historical data.