Kafka Connect property configuration in Cloudera Manager for Prometheus

Learn about the Kafka Connect properties that you need to configure in Cloudera Manager before you start using the Prometheus metric store.

If you want to configure the metrics-scraping endpoint not to be secured:
  • metrics.jetty.server.port

    Exposes the Kafka Connect Prometheus metrics.

  • Add metrics.jetty.server.prometheus.metrics.enable=true to the connect-distributed.properties_role_safety_valve config.
If you want to configure metrics-scraping endpoint to be secured (SSL encryption + basic authentication):
  • metrics.jetty.server.secureport

    Exposes the Kafka Connect Prometheus metrics.

  • Additionally you need to configure the following properties in the connect-distributed.properties_role_safety_valve safety valve to ensure SSL encryption along with basic authentication:
    • metrics.jetty.server.ssl.enabled=true
    • metrics.jetty.server.authentication.enabled=true
    • metrics.jetty.server.auth.username=*user*
    • metrics.jetty.server.auth.password=*password*

The prometheus-compatible metrics is available on the /prometheus-metrics API path on each Kafka Connect worker’s host.