Modifying Impala Startup Options

You can view and edit the configuration options for the Impala daemons to customize your Impala environment, such as to specify which hosts and ports to use, to assign directories for logging,and to control resource usage and security.

Configuring Impala Startup Options

Navigate to the following page to configure the settings for all the Impala-related daemons:

Clusters > Impala > Configuration.

If the Cloudera Manager interface does not yet have a form field for a newly added option, or if you need to use special options for debugging and troubleshooting, the Advanced category page for each daemon includes one or more Safety Valve fields where you can enter option names directly.

Checking the Values of Impala Startup Options

You can check the current runtime value of all these settings through the Impala Web UI, available by default at:
  • http://impala_hostname:25000/varz for the impalad daemon
  • http://impala_hostname:25010/varz for the statestored daemon
  • http://impala_hostname:25020/varz for the catalogd daemon