Unsupported command line tools

Kafka command line tools not supported by Cloudera.

The following tools can be found as part of the Kafka distribution, but their use is generally discouraged for various reasons as documented here.

Tool Notes
connect-mirror-maker Use Streams Replication Manager instead.


Use Cloudera Manager to deploy and manage Kafka Connect workers. In CDP Kafka Connect workers are represented by Kafka Connect roles, which can be deployed under a Kafka service.
kafka-acls Cloudera recommends using Ranger for authorization instead.
kafka-broker-api-versions Primarily useful for Client-to-Broker protocol related development.
kafka-configs Use Cloudera Manager to adjust any broker or security properties instead of the kafka‑configs tool. This tool should only be used to modify topic properties.
kafka-delete-records Cloudera does not recommend using this tool in CDP.
kafka-mirror-maker Use Cloudera Manager to deploy Mirror Maker instances.
kafka-replay-log-producer Can be used to “rename” a topic.
kafka-replica-verification Validates that all replicas for a set of topics have the same data. This tool is a “heavy duty” version of the ISR column of kafka-topics tool.


Use Cloudera Manager to manage any Kafka host.


These scripts are intended for system testing.


Use Cloudera Manager to manage any Zookeeper host.
zookeeper-shell Limit usage of this script to reading information from Zookeeper.