Fixed Issues in Atlas

Review the list of Apache Atlas issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.16.

CDPD-46492: Relationship Attribute Filter button was stuck in loading state for specific internal relationships because of the missing dependencies. The dependencies has been added and the issue is resolved now.
CDPD-43821: Text-editor opens now for even when attribute key of Business metadata is space separated.
CDPD-42937: The broken image issue for expand button was due to the licence added in SVG file and now is fixed and the expand button is rendered on UI.
CDPD-42916: Made the required changes for commons-codec version in XML file.
CDPD-42913: Opensearch Support for Ranger access audits.
CDPD-42633: ElasticSearch dependency is removed from Atlas.
CDPD-40822: Upgrade Spring Framework to 5.3.20 due to CVE-2022-22971, CVE-2022-22970.
CDPD-40707: Parents name for assigned Classification & Glossary name for assigned terms was not seen on detail page and search result page, by providing this fix we are able to see the parent name on mouse hover of assigned terms and classifications. This is resolved now.
CDPD-36992: This changes implements a check on relationship edges, identifying already deleted relationship edges and avoiding invocation of delete method on them.
Thus only allowing deletion of active relationship edges.
CDPD-35953: Imapala process entities created by ImpalaHook saves query-string in name field. Since query-string can be large, we are getting the longer than the max error.
To store qualifiedName in name field instead of query-string
CDPD-35212: If Kerberos is enabled, - kinit -kt /cdep/keytabs/atlas.keytab atlas@ROOT.HWX.SITE - Add below to DEFAULT_JVM_OPTS in<path to atlas_jaas.conf> If SSL is enabled, we need to make sure Solr cert or RootCA certificate is added which make use of below atlas-application properties - keystore.file <path to keystore jks file> - truststore.file <path to truststore jks file> - cert.stores.credential.provider.path <path to jceks file> export HADOOP_CREDSTORE_PASSWORD=<password>
CDPD-30950: Instead of loading entire lineage, fetch lineage on demand to improve performance.
CDPD-28569: Added support for searching relationships in Atlas.
OPSAPS-57415: "This fix applies to CDP Private Cloud Base, Public Cloud and Private Cloud Data Services Required Kafka topics for Atlas will be pre-created for fresh install on clusters for kerberos enabled environments."
OPSAPS-62184: HDFS Lineage configurations are available and user can configure the Blacklist and Whitelist paths from Atlas configurations.
OPSAPS-63767: Hadoop Group based authorization should work for Atlas Ranger plugin.
OPSAPS-64201: Default value set false for Atlas Server / Gateway Roles and Hook configurations for both 7.2.16 and 7.1.8 CSD.'s

Apache patch information

  • ATLAS-4710
  • ATLAS-4673
  • ATLAS-4572
  • ATLAS-4442
  • ATLAS-4610
  • ATLAS-4663
  • ATLAS-4558
  • ATLAS-4440
  • ATLAS-4571
  • ATLAS-4641