What's New in Schema Registry

Learn about the new features of Schema Registry in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.16.

Schema Registry instances behind load balancer
You can now use load balancer in front of Schema Registry instances. It is very common to have multiple instances of the same application and have a load balancer in front of them. This can be useful for failover reasons in HA environments, and it can also help sharing the load between instances. You can also use load balancer in front of Schema Registry instances in an environment with Kerberos or SSL enabled.
AvroConverter support for KConnect logical types
AvroConverter now converts between Connect and Avro temporal and decimal types.
Support for alternative jersey connectors in SchemaRegistryClient
connector.provider.class can be configured in Schema Registry Client. If it is configured, schema.registry.client.retry.policy should also be configured to be different than default.
This also fixes the issue with some 3rd party load balancers where the client is expected to follow redirects and authenticate while doing that.
Retrieve principal from client's certificate
When two-way TLS authentication is enabled, Schema Registry extracts the principal from the certificate and uses it for authentication or authorization.
Schema Registry CDC support - change default schema compatibility
When a new Avro schema is created and its compatibility is not explicitly set, then a default compatibility value is used. Until now, that value was always BACKWARD. After this change, users on the server side can configure the default value.
Schema Registry with Knox uses round-robin load balancing
When multiple instances of Schema Registry are running, Knox uses round-robin to forward the requests.
Upgraded Avro version to 1.11.1
Avro got upgraded from version 1.9.1 to 1.11.1.