Options to restart the Hue service

Restarting the Hue service is necessary after upgrading CDP or making configuration changes to Hue. You can restart Hue in regular or rolling restart mode. Rolling restart reduces the service downtime to approximately 80 to 90 seconds.

Suppose you restart a cluster containing the Hue service in a regular mode. In that case, the Hue service can become unavailable for an average of 30 minutes from the restart time (this could vary depending on the number of services in your cluster). To reduce the service downtime, select the Rolling Restart option from the Actions menu to restart Hue. Cloudera Manager shows the following options to restart Hue in the rolling restart mode:
Category Restart options Description
Restart filters Restart roles with stale configuration only Select this option to restart Hue if you have updated the Hue configuration.
Restart roles with the old software version only Select this option to restart Hue if you have upgraded the cluster.
Role types to restart Kerberos Ticket Renewer Selected by default. Restarts the Kerberos Ticket Renewer role.
Load Balancer Selected by default. Restarts the Load Balancer role after the Kerberos Ticket Renewer.
Hue Server Selected by default. Restarts the Hue Server role after the load balancer.

When you restart Hue, Hue’s non-worker roles, such as the load balancer, Kerberos ticket renewer, and Hue server restart one after the other.

Rolling restart operation is supported at the cluster level and service level.