Cannot see databases, or the query editor is missing

If you cannot see the databases or the query editor on the Compose page, then try the following:

  • Verify whether the HS2 service is running by going to Cloudera Manager > Clusters > HIVE_ON_TEZ > Status.

  • Verify whether the Hive configuration parameter in the Metastore Transactional Listener List field is set to org.apache.hive.hcatalog.listener.DbNotificationListener by going to Cloudera Manager > Clusters > HIVE_ON_TEZ > Configuration.

  • Ideally, the DAS Event Processor runs the repl dump command as a hive service user. The hive service user can run the repl dump command if the user has repl admin privileges. Verify whether DAS can read the repl root directory permissions, especially if DAS and hive are running as different service users.

    There may be exceptions in the /var/log/das/event-processor.log file with repl dump failures because of read errors.