Difference between Tez UI and DAS

Both Tez UI and Data Analytics Studio (DAS) provide a framework to analyze Hive and Hive on Tez queries by providing granular data about query execution, such as Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) information, DAG swimlanes, visual explain plan, task and task attempt break-down, and so on. Additionally, DAS provides a UI to compose and run Hive queries, compare two queries, query optimization recommendation, and also provides Read/Write and Join reports to understand database usage.

The following table provides a comparison between Tez UI and DAS:
Table 1. Difference between Tez UI and DAS
Comparison factor Tez UI DAS
Philosophy Provides all available data abou a Tez job required to debug a query. A UI for running and debugging Hive queries.
Part of the Apache Tez project. Part of the CDP platform made available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPLv3).
Backend No dedicated backend for data processing. Depends on YARN Application Timeline Server (ATS) for the data and obtains the progress information from the Tez Application Master (AM). DAS Event Processor is used for processing data, in addition to the DAS Web App (Java backend) and PostgreSQL database.
Hive Cannot run or terminate a job. Can compose, run, and terminate Hive queries.
Cannot manage a database schema. Can manage a Hive database schema and can visualize database usage using Read/Write and Join reports.
Available data Following entities are displayed:
  • Application, Hive query, DAG, vertex, task, task attempts, DAG counters
  • Hyperlinks interconnecting all these entities for easy drill-down
  • Detailed tables for all entities
  • Dedicated details + stats page for all these entities
  • All counters of each entity are displayed in the respective tables
Following entities are displayed:
  • All Hive query details
  • Limited DAG and vertex details
  • No details of Application, task and task attempt
  • Table only for Hive queries
  • Details page only for Hive queries
  • Tables are available only for queries and information about counters is not visible
Search and sort
  • Supports limited filtering across all query and all DAG tables
  • Supports substring search and sort on DAGs (under a query), vertex, task and task attempt data tables
  • Does not support sorting on all queries and all DAG tables
  • Supports full text search, but only on all queries table
  • Supports sorting on query data
Progress information
  • Provides real-time progress information for all entities
  • All pages refresh automatically
  • No progress information available
  • Pages do not refresh automatically
Data download You can download a zip file containing the following data in JSON format:
  • Application details
  • Query details
  • DAG, vertex, task, and task attempt details

You can also download entity-level logs in text format.

You can download a zip file containing the following data in JSON format:
  • Query details
  • DAG and vertex details aggregrated by DAS
  • DAG, vertex, task, and task attempt events from Tez
  • Application attemps information

You can also download container logs in text format.