Advanced ORC properties

Usually, you do not need to modify Optimized Row Columnar (ORC) properties, but occasionally, Cloudera Support advises making such changes. Review the property keys, default values, and descriptions you can configure ORC to suit your needs.

Property keys and defaults

You use the Safety Valve feature in Cloudera Manager to change ORC properties.

Key Default Setting Description
orc.compress ZLIB Compression type (NONE, ZLIB, SNAPPY).
orc.compress.size 262,144 Number of bytes in each compression block.
orc.stripe.size 268,435,456 Number of bytes in each stripe.
orc.row.index.stride 10,000 Number of rows between index entries (>= 1,000).
orc.create.index true Sets whether to create row indexes.
orc.bloom.filter.columns -- Comma-separated list of column names for which a Bloom filter must be created.
orc.bloom.filter.fpp 0.05 False positive probability for a Bloom filter. Must be greater than 0.0 and less than 1.0.