Introduction to monitoring Kafka cluster replications in SMM

You can use Streams Replication Manager (SRM) to implement cross-cluster Kafka topic replication in Streams Messaging Manager (SMM). You need to configure SRM properties in SMM. After you configure SRM in SMM, you can use SMM to monitor all of the Kafka cluster replications targeting the configured cluster.

SRM is an enterprise-grade replication solution that enables fault tolerant, scalable and robust cross-cluster Kafka topic replication. SRM provides the ability to dynamically change configurations and keeps the topic properties in sync across clusters at high performance. SRM also delivers custom extensions that facilitate installation, management and monitoring making SRM a complete replication solution that is built for mission critical workloads. For more information about SRM, see the Streams Replication Manager for HDF and HDP document library.

You can view all replication details in SMM. You can monitor status of the Kafka cluster replications, number of topics associated with the replication, throughput, replication latency, and checkpoint latency of Kafka cluster replications in SMM.