Creating a Lily HBase Indexer Configuration File

Configure individual Lily HBase Indexers using the hbase-indexer command-line utility. Typically, there is one Lily HBase Indexer configuration file for each HBase table, but there can be as many Lily HBase Indexer configuration files as there are tables, column families, and corresponding collections in Search. Each Lily HBase Indexer configuration is defined in an XML file, such as morphline-hbase-mapper.xml.

An indexer configuration XML file must refer to the MorphlineResultToSolrMapper implementation and point to the location of a Morphline configuration file, as shown in the following morphline-hbase-mapper.xml indexer configuration file.

Set morphlineFile to the relative path morphlines.conf. Make sure the file is readable by the HBase system user (hbase by default).
$ cat $HOME/morphline-hbase-mapper.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<indexer table="sample_table"

   <!-- The relative path on the local file system to the
   morphline configuration file. -->
   <param name="morphlineFile" value="morphlines.conf"/>

   <!-- The optional morphlineId identifies a morphline if there are multiple
   morphlines in morphlines.conf -->
   <!-- <param name="morphlineId" value="morphline1"/> -->


The Lily HBase Indexer configuration file also supports the standard attributes of any HBase Lily Indexer on the top-level <indexer> element. It does not support the <field> element and <extract> elements.