Using the REST proxy API

After configuring and starting HBase on your cluster, you can use the HBase REST Proxy API to stream data into HBase, from within another application or shell script, or by using an HTTP client such as wget or curl.

The REST Proxy API is slower than the Java API and may have fewer features. This approach is simple and does not require advanced development experience to implement. However, like the Java and Thrift Proxy APIs, it uses the full write path and can cause compactions and region splits.

Specified addresses without existing data create new values. Specified addresses with existing data create new versions, overwriting an existing version if the row, column:qualifier, and timestamp all match that of the existing value.

curl -H "Content-Type: text/xml" http://localhost:8000/test/testrow/test:testcolumn

The REST Proxy API does not support writing to HBase clusters that are secured using Kerberos.

For full documentation and more examples, see the REST Proxy API documentation.