Enabling Hue applications with Cloudera Manager

Most Hue applications are configured by default, based on the services you have installed. Cloudera Manager selects the service instance that Hue depends on. If you have more than one service, you may want to verify or change the service dependency for Hue. If you add a service such as Oozie after you have set up Hue, you must set the dependency because it is not done automatically.

To add a dependency in Hue:

  1. In the Cloudera Manager Admin Console, select Clusters > Hue > Configuration to navigate to the configuration page for Hue.
  2. Filter by Scope > Hue (Service-Wide) and Category > Main.
  3. Select the <service_name> Service property that you want to set a dependency for. Select none to remove a dependency.
  4. Enter a Reason for change..., and then click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to save the configuration change.
  5. Refresh the browser page and click the restart icon at the top of the page so the new configuration changes can be read by the server and the new setting takes effect.