AWS S3 Object

Though AWS S3 includes both files and directories as objects, the Atlas model creates separate entity types for objects from directories.

The Atlas entity type for object metadata inherits attributes from the AWS_S3_V2_BASE entity type and includes additional attributes specific to object metadata. Note that Atlas makes a distinction between files and directories. Atlas creates entities of this type for files; it creates entity types of AWS_S3_V2_DIRECTORY for directories.

Table 1.
Identifier Description
typeName AWS_S3_V2_OBJECT
name Name of the object as reported by S3.
description Description provided in Atlas metadata. No value is collected from S3.
ownerType Not used.
qualifiedName Fully qualified name of the object. The name includes Atlas's version of the S3 URI followed by @cluster_name. For example: s3a://acme-finance-bucket/2018directory/specific_file.json@cm
region AWS S3 region as reported by S3.
ownerName Owner as reported by S3.
ownerID Owner ID as reported by S3.
eTag A hash of an object as reported by S3. This value is updated when a new version of an object is added to a bucket.
encryption Encryption algorithm as reported by S3. If no object-level encryption is specified, this value is the same as the bucket-level encryption.
awsTags Object tags defined in S3. Atlas stores S3 tags as an array of key-value pairs.
lastModifiedTime The last modified time of the object as reported from S3.
bucketName The name of the bucket containing this object.
size The size of the object as reported from S3.
storageClass Storage class used for storing the object as reported from S3.
compressionType Compression type used for the object as reported from S3.
data Type Owner of the object
relationship: container The one-to-one relationship between an object and its parent directory or bucket.