Defining related terms

Can't agree on a single term among multiple organizations? Define two terms as synonyms so you can use either term to search for entities. Atlas provides many types of relationships to help data stewards build useful glossaries.

The glossary allows you to indicate relationships among terms. When you indicate a relationship, it is automatically added to the definition of the related term.

To create a relationship between two glossary terms, go to the detail page for one term, open the Related Terms tab, and add a term to the appropriate relationship type.

The relationship types are as follows:

Glossary terms that have the opposite (or near opposite) meaning, in the same language.
The current term is a generic name for the indicated more specific term or terms. "Has Types"
The current term is an example of or type of the identified term. "Is A Type Of"
Preferred Terms
The identified term is the preferred synonym and should be used instead of the current term. "Preferred Synonym"
Preferred To Terms
The current term is the preferred term among a group of synonyms.
Replaced By
The current term is replaced by the indicated term.
Replacement Terms
The indicated term or terms replace the current term.
See Also
The indicated term or terms provide additional information related to the current term.
A relationship that indicates that the current term is the same or similar to the indicated term.
Translated Term
The current term is translated from the indicated term.
Translation Term
The current term is translated into one or more languages in the indicated terms.
Valid Values
Values that are meaningful for this term, such as a list of types that could apply to the term.
Valid Values For
The current term is a valid value for the indicated term.