Glossary performance improvements

Atlas glossary peformance improvement information is available on this page.

Some of the performance related use cases are listed below:

  • Insignificant database calls made when there is a large number of data associated with the Glossary (say about 10K terms or categories)

Earlier, for Glossary GET API it took about 180 seconds, 168.814 seconds, and 169.237 seconds respectively. AVERAGE: 172.683 seconds.

Currently, for Glossary GET API with performance changes it takes about: 45 seconds, 45 seconds, and 43.626 seconds respectively. AVERAGE: 44.542 seconds

  • The Bulk Term creation process took about a day to complete the creation process of about 2222 terms.

A patch is now provided which stores the optimum information of Glossaries and Categoies in the cache against their respective GUIDs. With the performance optimization, the Bulk Term creation takes about 5-6 minutes to complete the process.