Using Relationship search

Entities in Atlas can be searched based on the relationships that describe various metadata between a couple of entity end-points.

As an example, a relationship between entities hive_table1 and hive_db1 can be attributed or defined as hive_table1_db1, which has a standalone metadata that can be added as an attribute to this format. By searching for hive_table1_db1, you can retrieve the relationship between hive_table1 and hive_db1 entities. This enhancement ensures that those relationships which are tied to the entities and that match the filter criteria on attributes of the relationships, can be searched.

Configuring relationship search

For the entities to be searchable in the relationship definition model before starting the Atlas service, the attributes must be added and marked as indexable.

As an example configuration setup:


“attributeDefs”: [{

“Name”: “edge_property1”,

“typeName”: “string”,

“isIndexable”: true


In Atlas, when you commence search using the relationship option, you can use the toggle button to enable the same.

You can search for the relationship using the drop-down list to select a relationship between entities and explore them in Atlas.

The list of entities with the type “user_post” contains additional information about the connected entities.

You can add specific filters to search for relationship entities.

In the example image, end 1 and end 2 are the entities with which the relationship is created.

By clicking on each search result you can navigate to the details page to view additional details and pertinent information.