Associating classifications with entities

Assign classifications to entities in the entity detail page or in the search results.

There are two ways to associate a classification with an entity:

  • Add the classification to the entity in the entity detail page.

  • Add the classification to the entity in the search results.

When you associate a classification with an entity, you can set the classification’s behavior with these controls:

  • Propagate: Any entities in the impact chain of this entity will automatically be tagged with this classification. The classification can’t be removed from the “downstream” entities without being removed from this source entity. See more at Propagate classifications to derived entities.
  • Apply validity period: You can set a time period after which this classification is removed from the entity. Set the start time or end time or both. If you do not choose a time zone, the local time of the Atlas server is used.
  • Remove propagation on entity delete: When an entity is deleted in the source and marked as deleted in Atlas, you can choose to maintain the propagation path, or to break propagation at the deleted entity.

You can change the behavior of classifications after they are assigned: go to the Classifications tab for an entity.

You can remove classifications from an entity using the X button on search results or entity detail page. Don't see an X on the classification name? That classification was assigned through propagation; to remove it, you have to turn off propagation for the source entity or term.