Feature Comparisons

ADLS Gen 2 is where all future development of Azure Big Data storage is taking place, in the cloud server as well as the client connector. In contrast, ADLS Gen 1 must be considered a maintenance only data store, which is not being rolled out across more Azure regions.

Feature Azure Storage ADLS Gen 1 ADLS Gen 2
Broadly supported in applications Yes No Yes in non-hierarchical; growing in hierarchical
Scales to many petabytes No Yes Yes
Available in all Azure region Yes No Yes
Interoperability ADLS Gen 2 in non-hierarchical none Azure Storage
Directories with permissions No Yes Yes

Differences between ADLS Gen 1 and ADLS Gen 2

ADLS Gen 2 should be considered as a reimplementation of the ADLS Gen 1 features, but integrated with the original Azure Storage.

Features of ADLS Gen 2

  • Supports the Hadoop FileSystem API, with directories, file and directory permissions, and other key features.
  • Reads and writes data stores in the original Azure Storage (which has previously used the wasb:// URL)
  • No integration with ADLS Gen1. The adls:// connector must be used there.
  • Available in all Azure regions.
  • If an ADLS Gen 2 account is created "without hierarchical namespaces" then the wasb:// connector can read/write data stored in ADLS Gen 2.
  • Capable of storing many Petabytes of data.