Reuse the subnets created for CDP

To configure and edge node on Azure for your Cloudera Operational Database (COD), you have to configure network line-of-sight. One way to configure network line-of-slight is to reuse the subnets that were created for CDP.

As a part of the initial CDP setup, you have already created three subnets or CDP would have automatically created this for you. You can use the standard computer service in the Azure Marketplace to launch a Virtual Machine on the same resource group and subnet as your COD. You can choose a Linux distribution, the size of the instance, and the authentication based on your requirements and security policies. Ensure that you allocate enough resources for the edge node based on your use case and requirements.

  1. Create a Virtual Machine from the Azure Marketplace.
    For example, CentOS, standard instance with and image of your choice.
  2. Set your inbound port rules to allow access to this edge node by both the COD as well as your client applications.
  3. Click Next > Disks.
  4. Select a storage type.
    1. Select your CDP VNet.
    2. Select a subnet from the VNet.
      If you have created both public and private subnets, choose the public subnet.
    3. Select the Public IP that is accessible from the Internet.
  5. Review your settings and then click Review + Create.
Validate that you have a networking line-of-sight correctly configured.