General Quota Syntax

The general quota syntax are THROTTLE_TYPE, Request sizes and space limit, Number of requests, Time limits and Number of tables or regions.


Can be expressed as READ-only, WRITE-only, or the default type (both READ and WRITE permissions)


Can be expressed in the following units of time:

  • sec (second)

    min (minute)



Request sizes and space limit

Can be expressed in the following units:

  • B: bytes

    K: kilobytes

    M: megabytes

    G: gigabytes

    P: petabytes

When no size units is included, the default value is bytes.

Number of requests

Expressed as integer followed by the string request

Time limits

Expressed as requests per unit-of-time or size per unit-of-time

Examples: 10req/day or 100P/hour

Number of tables or regions

Expressed as integers