Number-of-Tables Quotas

The number-of-tables quota is set as part of the namespace metadata and does not involve the set_quota command.

Examples of Commands Relevant to Setting and Administering Number-of-Tables Quotas

Create namespace ns1 with a maximum of 5 tables

hbase> create_namespace 'ns1', {'hbase.namespace.quota.maxtables'=>'5'}

Alter an existing namespace ns1 to set a maximum of 8 tables

hbase> alter_namespace 'ns1', {METHOD => 'set', 'hbase.namespace.quota.maxtables'=>'8'}

Show quota information for namespace ns1

hbase> describe_namespace 'ns1'

Alter existing namespace ns1 to remove a quota

hbase> alter_namespace 'ns1', {METHOD => 'unset', NAME=>'hbase.namespace.quota.maxtables'}