Remove a RegionServer from RegionServer grouping

You can remove a RegionServer by moving it to the default rsgroup. Edits made using shell commands to all rsgroups, except the default rsgroup, are persisted to the system hbase:rsgroup table. If an rsgroup references a decommissioned RegionServer, then the rsgroup should be updated to undo the reference.

  1. Move the RegionServer to the default rsgroup using the command: $hbase> move_servers_rsgroup 'default',['server1:port'].
  2. Check the list of RegionServers in your rsgourp to ensure that that the RegionServer is successfully removed using the command: $hbase> get_rsgroup 'mygroup

    The default rsgroup's RegionServer list mirrors the current state of the cluster. If you shut down a RegionServer that was part of the default rsgroup, and then run the get_rsgroup 'default' command to list its content in the shell, the server is no longer listed. If you move the offline server from the non-default rsgroup to default, it will not show in the default list; the server will just be removed from the list.