Test MOB storage and retrieval performance

You can test the MOB storage and retrieval performance by using the Apache HBase Load Test Tool (ltt), and by configuring it to generate MOB values.

Run this HBase load test tool command in your command-line interface:
$ hbase ltt -mob_threshold 102400 -generator \
org.apache.hadoop.hbase.util.LoadTestDataGeneratorWithMOB:medium_column:102400:104857 \
    -tn example_table -families small_column,medium_column
    -num_keys 10000 -write 3:1024
  • -mob_threshold is the size (in bytes) at which an object is considered to be a MOB. You must set this threshold for the tool to configure column families as MOB-enabled.

  • -generator is the class that generates load for the tool. You must set this parameter to tell the tool how the values must be created. For example, when you set this as LoadTestDataGeneratorWithMOB:medium_column:102400:104857, the parameter accepts the name of a column family, and a range of data sizes for that column. This option pseudo-randomly chooses to make cells in that column family that are of this size range (102400:104857, rather than the default cell size.

  • -tn is the name of the table to create, and use

  • -families is a list of column families to create on the table you provided in using the -tn parameter.

  • -num_keys is the number of rows to write.

  • -write is the upper bound on the number of cells to write per column family and the average size of those cells.