Configuring Livy

This section describes how to configure Livy in CDP.

Livy is a proxy service for Apache Spark; it offers the following capabilities:

  • Zeppelin users can launch a Spark session on a cluster, submit code, and retrieve job results, all over a secure connection.

  • When Zeppelin runs with authentication enabled, Livy propagates user information when a session is created. Livy user impersonation offers an extended multi-tenant experience, allowing users to share RDDs and cluster resources. Multiple users can access their own private data and session, and collaborate on a notebook.

The following graphic shows process communication among Zeppelin, Livy, and Spark:

The following sections describe several optional configuration steps.

Configure Livy user access control

You can use the livy.server.access-control.enabled property to configure Livy user access.

When this property is set to false, only the session owner and the superuser can access (both view and modify) a given session. Users cannot access sessions that belong to other users. ACLs are disabled, and any user can send any request to Livy.

When this property is set to true, ACLs are enabled, and the following properties are used to control user access:

  • livy.server.access-control.allowed-users – A comma-separated list of users who are allowed to access Livy.
  • livy.server.access-control.view-users – A comma-separated list of users with permission to view other users' infomation, such as submitted session state and statement results.
  • livy.server.access-control.modify-users – A comma-separated list of users with permission to modify the sessions of other users, such as submitting statements and deleting the session.

Restart the Livy interpreter after changing settings

If you change any Livy interpreter settings, restart the Livy interpreter. Navigate to the Interpreter configuration page in the Zeppelin Web UI. Locate the Livy interpreter, then click restart.

Verify that the Livy server is running

To verify that the Livy server is running, access the Livy web UI in a browser window. The default port is 8998: