Create a snapshot

You can use COD CLI to create snapshots of HBase tables. The create-snapshot command takes a snapshot of a table in HBase, exports the snapshot to the specified storage location and deletes the snapshot after the export is successful.

Command syntax

cdp opdb create-snapshot --environment-name ENVIRONMENT_NAME --database-name DATABASE_NAME --table-name TABLE_NAME --snapshot-name SNAPSHOT_NAME --snapshot-location SNAPSHOT_LOCATION



The name of the CDP environment.


The name of the operational database.


The fully qualified name of the HBase table whose snapshot is to be taken.


The name of the new snapshot. The snapshot name is unique per database.


The name of the snapshot location URL on object store where the snapshot is to be stored.

cdp opdb create-snapshot --environment-name odx-wgel6j --database-name test --table-name table_6uf7xt --snapshot-name s1 --snapshot-location s3a://cod-7215/cod--yq3p370r6qro/backupdata
JSON output:
    "environmentName": "odx-wgel6j",
    "databaseName": "test",
    "status": "IN_PROGRESS",
    "creationTime": 0,
    "commandID": 1546336350