Known issue and its workaround

Before you proceed further configuring additional namenodes, you must be aware of the following known issue.

Known Issue Description

In case the JournalNodes were restarted on a cluster recently, the Add new NameNode wizard for HDFS service might fail to bootstrap the new NameNode, if there was not a new fsImage created since the restart of the JournalNodes. However, while restarting the JournalNodes the edit logs were rolled in the system.

Known Issue Workaround

If the bootstrap fails during the Add new NameNode wizard, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Delete the newly added NameNode and FailoverController
  2. Move the active HDFS NameNode to safe mode
  3. Perform the Save Namespace operation on the active HDFS NameNode
  4. Leave safe mode on the active HDFS NameNode
  5. Try to add the new NameNode again