Configuring Dynamic Resource Pool

Admission control and dynamic resource pools are enabled by default. However, until you configure the settings for the dynamic resource pools, the admission control feature is effectively not enabled.

There is always a resource pool designated as root.default. By default, all Impala queries run in this pool when the dynamic resource pool feature is enabled for Impala. You create additional pools when your workload includes identifiable groups of queries (such as from a particular application, or a particular group within your organization) that have their own requirements for concurrency, memory use, or service level agreement (SLA). Each pool has its own settings related to memory, number of queries, and timeout interval.
  1. In Cloudera Manager, navigate to Clusters > Impala Admission Control Configuration. If the cluster has an Impala service, the Resource Pools tab displays under the Impala Admission Control tab.
  2. In the Impala Admission Control tab, click Create Resource Pool.
  3. Specify a name and resource limits for the pool:
    • In the Resource Pool Name field, type a unique name containing only alphanumeric characters.
    • Optionally, in the Submission Access Control tab, specify which users and groups can submit queries. By default, anyone can submit queries. To restrict this permission, select the Allow these users and groups option and provide a comma-delimited list of users and groups in the Users and Groups fields respectively.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Click Refresh Dynamic Resource Pools.